Ron Sexton is “Donnie Baker”


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I hate to break this to some of you but Donnie Baker isn’t real. There I said it! He is however, the brainchild of the talented stand up comic and professional broadcaster, Ron Sexton.

On the podcast we find out how Ron began his career. He didn’t just jump into calling The Bob and Tom Show with character voices. He got a start very early in middle school doing sports reports for the Franklin Central High School radio station in Indianapolis. He knew pretty quickly that radio was something he wanted to pursue.

Ron continued to follow his passion while attending Butler University mainly doing play by play and sports reporting. Which led him to covering sports for an Indianapolis TV station. He quickly learned that TV wasn’t his thing and took a job with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. It would be an executive position in the broadcast department complete with a company car and steady employment.

His suit wearing days were numbered though when he was approached by Indy sports legend Mark Patrick. Mark offered Ron a full time job that would put him back “on the air” for Fox Sports Radio. A show that ended up being ahead of its time featuring a heavy dose of comedy over hard hitting sports.

After a 3 year run the program ended and that’s when Ron started to call into The Bob and Tom Show. His impressions are many, Tony Soprano, Charles Barkley, Jim Rome, Morgan Freeman the list goes on and on. Along with these famous impressions Ron has created the long running characters, Kenny Tarmac, Floyd the Trucker and of course Donnie Baker.

We talk about how Donnie evolved on the show, the creation of his band the Pork Pistols, and his new found fame on the internet. My favorite segment is when we talk about comedic heroes. Especially the late great Tim Wilson! Ron has some special memories to share about this wonderful comedian. (many in Tim’s voice which Ron has DOWN).

Things you also learn on this episode: Ron is an excellent high school baseball coach. He LOVES music and would like to open for a famous rock star! And yes, he has a hidden talent! All you have to do is listen to find out. State Law! Info:

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