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Normally when Britt, Tif and I get together its hardly serious. This week is different. Tiffany lived through every parents nightmare a few weeks ago. She goes into great detail about the night her oldest son ended up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning. This could happen to any of us at any point in our children's lives. Are you prepared? How do you talk to your child about drinking? Do they know they can call for help and NOT get in trouble? Many of us, myself included, have teens going off to college. NOW is the time to sit them down and let them know of the serious consequences of binge drinking. Not only is it illegal it can be deadly. Ok, and even though the subject is sobering our show is not without laughs or some f'bombs. (Thanks Britt) Later in the program we lighten things up with finding Britt a date and discovering the "T". You may not let your child listen to this one but I hope you learn something you can pass along. Here's to a safe Back to School season.

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