David Frankel on 'Jerry & Marge Go Large'


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Larry weighs in on his promo-week appearances on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon', New York Magazine, and the 'HypochondriActor' podcast while also looking forward to his many projects coming up later in the year. He's then joined by Emmy and Oscar-winning director David Frankel to talk about his new film 'Jerry and Marge Go Large.' They start their discussion by giving a synopsis of the movie and explaining the rules of the Winfall lottery game that lies at the heart of the plot.(13:00) They then examine David's filmmaking process, his relationship with his DP Maryse Alberti, and Bryan Cranston's involvement with the development of the film.(23:00) David then details how he got started in the film industry and his philosophy on directing TV shows versus feature films.(34:18). David and Larry end the pod by debating the future of movies on the big screen after the pandemic and projects they hope to create in the future.(41:30)

Host: Larry Wilmore

Guest: David Frankel

Producer: Chris Sutton

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