Wanda Sykes on ‘The Upshaws’ and Getting Her Start in Stand-Up Comedy


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To open the show, Larry again weighs in on alien conspiracies, as well as Tucker Carlson’s quote on COVID-19 vaccinations being the “medical Jim Crow" (1:00) Then, Larry is joined by Emmy Award-winning comedian Wanda Sykes to discuss working on her new Netflix show ‘The Upshaws’ during the pandemic (13:00). They also talk about Sykes transitioning from a NSA agent to stand-up comedian, and possible government cover ups (31:00). Later, they look back at their times performing at The White House Correspondents’ Dinner during the Obama years (44:00).

Host: Larry Wilmore

Guest: Wanda Sykes

Producer: Kaya McMullen

Production Assistant: Jonathan Kermah

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