Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi on 'For All Mankind'


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Larry is joined by executive producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi to talk about their critically acclaimed Apple TV + Series 'For All Mankind' and they start their conversation by discussing the alt-history concept of the show and how they use their writing to both contrast and illuminate real-world events. This leads to a discussion about how different the global society would be if certain geo-political eras, in this case the Russian-U.S. space race, were altered. (8:33) Next, they debate whether or not technology can be a conduit for social change and the challenges of long-term character and story development working within the alternative reality butterfly effect they've created. (15:21) They then theorize on the iconic moments in history that wouldn't be the same in the world of 'For All Mankind' and analyze the shows focus on the dangers of space travel. (28:20) After discussing the recent James Webb telescope and Mars images, (36:42) they end the pod by sharing their writing process, and their hopes for the future of the series. (44:11)

Host: Larry Wilmore

Guests: Matt Wolpert & Ben Nedivi

Production Assistance: Chris Sutton

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