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Welcome to This Week at Late at the Lake, the bite-size experience of the Tuesday night variety mic hosted by Chloe Youtsey at Mozart's Coffee Roasters in Austin, Texas! Here you'll find 3-5 original songs, poems, and stand-up routines from creators that make the pilgrimage to the shores of Lake Austin faithfully on Tuesday nights. For the full three hour show, with anywhere from 25-40 performers captured in all their one-take glory, you'll want to become a legit patron through our Patreon: $5 a month is the lowest tier to get you unrestricted access to the full night's worth of content - EVERY MONTH. That includes videos. (Which, with your support, maybe hopefully we can afford making soon.) That's at least 12 hours of music/poetry/comedy that you can't find anywhere else. For more information on Late at the Lake, visit and click on any Tuesday night icon.

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