Leadership Trait Talk Episode #26 - #13 for 2020 - Part 1 Interview with Chief of Police Steve Dye | Episode #26 Leadership Trait Talk


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Steve Dye is a lifelong Texan who received his Bachelor of Science degree from Sam Houston State University and his Master of Criminal Justice from Tarleton State University. He began his police career with the Houston Police Department in 1984 and also served with the Arlington and Garland Police Departments in various assignments including Patrol, SWAT, Street Level Narcotics, Mounted Patrol, and in the Traffic Unit as a Motorcycle Officer. Chief Dye was as an Assistant Chief in Garland and Chief in Colleyville before being selected as the Chief of Police for the Grand Prairie, Texas Police Department in July of 2011. Steve was recently promoted to Deputy City Manager after serving for 35 years in law enforcement. His Deputy City Manager responsibilities include oversight of the city’s police, fire, airport, housing/neighborhood services, solid waste/recycling, community revitalization, animal services, and environmental quality departments.

Steve is a graduate of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) Senior Management Institute for Police, LEMIT Command Staff Leadership Series, the FBI’s Leadership in Counterterrorism program, and the William “King” Cole City Management Series. He is committed to community governance and the formation of stakeholder partnerships to help improve and maintain a high quality of life in Grand Prairie. Steve founded the UNIDOS, Cowboy Cops, and MotorCops for Kids community programs, as well as the GPPD Youth Boxing Gym initiative and his police departments were twice awarded the IACP Community Policing Award. Steve is a published author and instructor regarding crime reduction programs, police legitimacy, leadership, and community policing.

Steve has been married for 29 years and he and his wife have two daughters


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