Indian spices & their story – Oh, it is so spicy ! What spices are there in it?


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In this episode, you’re going to learn about Indian spices, and what dramatic and unanticipated consequences they had. And you will also learn how to say ‘Oh, it’s so spicy’. And ‘What species have you added into it?’ and how common spices are called in Hindi. And if you stay till the end of the episode you can hear a role-play. This series will help you to get to know about Indians’ way of life, their sensibilities, their food, #Indianculture, and #learnHindi at the same time. Kindly support us & get access to this episode’s transcript and extra learning material on Patreon - To help us improve the show, kindly give your feedback & suggest some topics on our Facebook page – To take a free trial for online Hindi lessons visit:

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