26: The power of networking with Jordan Harbinger


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Our guest today is one of the world’s greatest podcasters. His podcast “the Jordan Harbinger show” is top 50 at Apple Podcast, and has over 11 million monthly downloads. On the show he interviews some of the world’s most brilliant and interesting people like Eric Schmidt (former CEO at Google), Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Matthew McConaughey. The topic for today is the power of networking. Why do it? How do you do it successfully? And how can you be much better at it by using only 5 minutes a day?
On this episode:

  • How do Jordan score such incredible guests?
  • Have he always been good at networking? And was there a moment in his life where he changed his perspective on networking?
  • How do you have the time to keep in touch with everyone in your network? Do he have any tips?
  • What is the Tornado Technique?
  • Is Jordan an introvert? And why does he do what he does?

I highly recommend Jordan's free online course 6 Minute Networking that I have taken myself and learned a lot from.
Also check out his podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show

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