Tom Brady - Comeback win & Antonio Brown. Tom remembers John Madden


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This week’s edition of Let’s Go has tons of extra commentary from Tom Brady only available in this episode. It begins with Tom discussing the Buccaneers comeback victory over his old foe the New York Jets, with unsung players stepping up helping the Bucs get the win. Tom discusses the situation involving Antonio Brown leaving the field mid game. Tom was unaware of what transpired during the game, but reiterates how much love he has for Brown and is there if he needs him. For the first time in his career, Tom signed a ball for a player that intercepted one of his passes. Monday night might be Ben Roethlisberger’s final career game, and Tom gives him his props for such an incredible run. Tom goes down memory lane remembering the legend that was John Madden. Tom has always admired Madden long before actually meeting and getting to know him.

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