Tom Brady - Oprah & Thanksgiving


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It's a very special Thanksgiving edition of the podcast as the legendary Oprah Winfrey stops by the show for a conversation about traditions, touchdowns and turkeys. Tom and Oprah bring you inside their homes to give you a look at how each of their families celebrate the holidays. TB12 reveals that he's just like everyone else when it comes to breaking the diet to feast on all of the holiday food. Oprah makes sure to let Tom and everyone know that when the Bucs QB is playing everything stops at her household so that Stedman can watch the game. The discussion gets very introspective as Tom and Oprah talk about the importance of being gracious and having gratitude in life. Tom and Oprah also talk about the struggles with dealing with fame and the need to always remain true to yourself. Finally they have a good laugh at the differences between living in the North (Chicago/New England) and in the more tropical climates of America (Tampa/Hawaii).

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