The Gastroenteritis Blues: (85) Sixers '21/'22 Preview, Official Handsome Rankings and Oh My God Another Ben Update


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Hope springs eternal! The Sixers are nearly back. In their last pod before the Sixers' 2021-2022 season begins on Wednesday, Dan, Emily and Steve preview the season to come, make a few predictions, and give a general vibe check heading into the year. First, of course, they round up the latest rumors and quotes regarding Ben Simmons, who is somehow still on the Sixers and now practicing.

Later in the podcast, Emily carries out the annual tradition of revealing the podcast's composite rankings for the Most Handsome Sixers list this year. Will Ben Simmons repeat? Which Sixers will rise and fall? Listen in for a live, scintillating coin toss to settle a tense debate about two Sixers who tied in the rankings.

Finally, they look ahead to the first week of the season and predict how many wins the Sixers will secure.

Oh boy, here we go again.

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