LOTS119 - COVID Keepers?


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We Introduced ourselves with the Goofy: What's your current cellphone wallpaper/lockscreen? Tanea: Me at 16. Boy do I miss the 16 year old me (well the body, not the brain and confidence, etc.) Lee: It’s an old picture of the wall from our former teacher workroom. The girl who ran the copier there had decorated it with movie quotes from a bunch of different movies, and the photo I have is a quote from “Zombieland”--Woody Harrelson says “It’s time to nut up or shut up” Aaron: Wallpaper: My dog penny when she was a brand new puppy, Lockscreen: Skateboarders at sunset on the Venice Boardwalk. What is one thing you have lost from your teaching practice that you hope it is safe to do again next year? Lee: Group work of any and all kinds. I miss the chatter, the aha moments, the NOISE. Tanea: I really want to have kids sit in groups and be able to do more hands-on activities with kids (especially whiteboarding). I hope they will be free to walk around the room. Aaron: Gallery Walks and Jigsaws. What is one thing you did a lot of this year that you think will not be part of your practice in a couple of years? Tanea: zoom calls!! Lee: Zoom for sure. Please, please please! Aaron: Pear Deck What do you think is one thing you will keep from this year that will come to be part of your regular practice? Lee: Single grading category. Tanea: Using google slides as a way for students to share their ideas with each other Aaron: Office hours and Practice Essay Peer Review. We would love feedback! DM or Tweet @lifeoftheschool and share your Thoughts? Credits: Please subscribe to Life Of The School on your podcast player of choice! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LOTS Music by: https://exmagicians.bandcamp.com/ Show Notes at Lifeoftheschool.org You can follow on twitter @lifeoftheschool

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