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Get this book to discover and recover your creativity. I read it after coming out of a traumatic experience and it became my go-to book and journaling practice to help get me out of my funk: (This link also pays me a lil sumthin so I appreciate your support).

My favourite microphone for podcasting and recording in general is:


(Again I benefit from this link only ... it's a fabulous microphone but you will need an XLR and also a soundcard/interface: THIS is the one I have and I have leved it. If you're a musician - or aspiring - then it's definitely comes highly recommended). But a simpler soundcard/interface - middle person between your mic and computer - would be a FOCUSRITE Now I don't have this but so many have recommended it. The Yamaha that I have recommended gives 2 inputs. It's also phantom powered. It comes down to your individual preference ;).

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