Kick the Sugar Blues to the curb this holiday!


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Do you struggle with sugar and cravings??
Do you need a burst of energy throughout the day?
Are you tired of relying on sugar and the yo-yo effect it has on you?
This is your special day!! Holistic Health Coach and best-selliing Author Leslie Gail will offer specific tips and strategies to help you uncover the truth behind your sugar addiction and top tips to get rid of them for good!
Call Leslie in the studio at 602 753-1705 to ask Leslie any questions pertaining to your health or your own sugar cravings.
Join Leslie for a very informative and fun show!! Walk away prepared to tackle the holidays this year!
You can find out more about Leslie at her website.
All listeners will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Health and Life Assessment (valued at $125). Simply email Leslie directly at and mention her show.

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