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The Bible gives us basic measures to determine the health of our spiritual growth and formation.
Acts 2:41-47
1. When I am spiritually healthy, I enjoy God first.
Worship – Living a Christ centered life. It is the purpose of the church to exalt Jesus Christ. Each Christian should grow in commitment to public, family and personal worship. We affirm that godly Christians display an ever-growing dedication to the worship of Jesus Christ. The evidence of such is revealed in a commitment to worship services, faithful financial stewardship, the practice of daily devotions, and a public commitment to the testimony of the Christ.
2. When I am spiritually healthy, I establish godly relationships.
Community – Living life connected to my church family. It is the purpose of the church to grow in biblical community. Each Christian grows in relationship with other believers. We affirm that healthy Christian living must take place in an ever expanding community within the context of a local church.
3. When I am spiritually healthy, I engage in intentional spiritual growth.
Discipleship – Deliberate spiritual growth. It is the purpose of the church to develop mature and healthy followers of Jesus Christ. We affirm that mature Christians develop a broad understanding of Gods word, express a genuine desire for continued growth in the word of God and display a practice of scripture by life example.
4. When I am spiritually healthy, I exercise my spiritual gifting.
1 Peter 4:10
Ministry – Serving God by serving others. It is the purpose of the church to serve God by serving others. We affirm that every believer is given talents and spiritual gifts that support the function and life of the church for God’s glory. Therefore each Christian should have a committed ministry in and through the church.
5. When I am spiritually healthy, I emphasize the good news
Psalm 96:2
Mission – Helping my friends to know Jesus. It is the purpose of the church to bring the gospel of Christ to the world beginning at home. It is the responsibility of every Christ follower to show the love of God by their actions and to share the message of Christ with their words. We affirm that healthy Christians actively share the gospel individually and as laborers together through the church.

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