Now That I'm Saved, What's Next?


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Romans 12:1-12 (NKJV)
I. So what’s next? - Give all of yourself to God
A. I beseech (beg) you therefore (because of) brethren (all Christians)
B. Mercies of God
C. Present your bodies – Why?
1. We were purchased by the blood of Jesus
2. We are indwelt with The Holy Spirit
3. We have the privilege of magnifying Jesus with our body.
D. As a living sacrifice
E. Which is your reasonable service
1. What is “reasonable service”?
2. Real worship doesn’t just take place at 603 New Ludlow Road
3. Everyday acts of spiritual worship (reasonable service) - Doing things
God’s way
II. How do I do that? - Give all of myself to God & live a dedicated life.
A. Do not be conformed to this world.
B. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind – our world view has to be shaped
by the word of God
C. To prove (experience) God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will for your life.
4 Ways to Renew Your Mind:
1. Study & Apply The Word of God
2. Control Your Thoughts
3. Be Careful With What You Are Feeding Your Mind – G.I.G.O
4. Develop A Strong Relationship With God

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