Worshipping Through My Pain


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Psalm 13:1-6
1. What does it mean to lament?
To lament is to bring our pain, hurt, sorrow and grief to God.
2. Why is it important to lament?
Lamenting is an act of faith and worship that recognizes that God is greater than my pain.
3. What are the dangers of not lamenting?
- I end up dealing with my pain in an unhealthy or destructive way.
- I miss the opportunity to find healing and peace and grace.
- I may begin to hide from blessings for fear of being hurt.
- I may miss experiencing Gods healing hand.
- I may lose the opportunity to minister to others who experience loss.
4. How do we lament as children of God?
A. I turn to God.
B. I share my grief.
C. I boldly ask for help.
D. I choose to trust God in my pain.

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