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Atlanta wunderkind Faye Webster is on the cusp of releasing her fourth studio album, 'I Know I’m Funny haha,' out June 25th via Secretly Canadian. For Live on KEXP, Troy Nelson details the anomaly of Webster’s music, which draws as much from the lap-steel singer-songwriter pop of the 1970s and teardrop country tunes as it does from the audacious personalities of her city’s rap and R&B community, where she first found a home on Awful Records.

For her six-song, full-band set, recorded at Tweed Studios in Athens, Georgia, Webster plays a number of new songs from the forthcoming album, as well as her 2019 'Atlanta Millionaires Club’ track, "Kingston.”

Recorded 03/09/2021.

  1. Better Distractions
  2. Kingston
  3. In A Good Way
  4. I Know I’m Funny haha
  5. Cheers

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