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As Troy Nelson details in this week’s Live on KEXP, Jean-Sébastien Yves Audet has created an incredibly large body of work for only 24 years on this planet. After putting out music under the names Un Blonde, Faux Fur, You Are Minez, Darren Wantz, and Zouk Fuck, his latest project as Yves Jarvis is probably his most palatable thus far. Intimate and evocative, the textured warmhearted songs that make up his latest release, 2020’s 'Sundry Rock Song Stock,' have captured a wide audience of ears and hearts.

Get to know how the Canadian musician got to where he is now and listen to five songs from 'Sundry Rock Song Stock' recorded exclusively for KEXP.

Recorded 02/11/2021.

  1. In Every Mountain
  2. Semula
  3. For Props
  4. Fact Almighty
  5. Victim

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