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It’s important that we all feel like the star of our own movie, and if you’re still searching for a badass theme song for your personal film then look no further than Seattle’s own True Loves. The infectious funkmasters recorded a soulful set for KEXP behind the release of the band’s latest full-length 'Sunday Afternoon' and also spilled the tea to Troy Nelson on their guilty pleasure songs...the answers may surprise you.

Recorded 04/27/2021.

  1. Objects In Mirror
  2. Did It Again
  3. First Impression
  4. Lavender
  5. Sunday Afternoon

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1. S.O.S. (00:00:28)

2. Objects In Mirror (00:01:54)

3. Do It Again (00:05:34)

4. First Impressions (00:09:47)

5. Sunday Afternoon (00:14:46)

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