Tales of Therapy—Alex. Part Two. The Lost Self.


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Lives of the Unconscious

Summary: Alex, a man in his mid-thirties, comes to therapy with psychosomatic symptoms and anxiety attacks, for which initially there appears to be no explanation. In the first phase of therapy, this often first involves finding words for his own feelings and sorting out the inner chaos. In the meantime, an intensive therapeutic process has begun, over the course of which Alex gradually comes to accept his life story as his own. This guides the therapeutic conversation back to events during the collapse of the Soviet Union and the family’s emigration to Germany in the early 1990s. Only gradually does it become clear what far-reaching consequences this upheaval had for Alex—and how this story continues to have an impact on him and his psychological suffering to this day.

Translator and speaker: Soliman Lawrence. Creators and producers: Cécile Loetz & Jakob Mueller

All case histories and details named have been published only with the personal consent of those involved and have been modified to render them completely anonymous, so that inference to any real person is not possible; or examples have been invented and are fictional. Possible overlaps with any real persons are therefore coincidental.

  • **Help in mental crises: **If you are in a mental health crisis, look for help in your local area and reach out to professionals. Many countries also have national programs. You can find information at this link, for example. If you are not well, please decide for yourself if you want to listen to this podcast episode. This episode is about panic attacks, anxiety and transgenerational trauma.

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