When Scarcity Returns in Consciousness 8/8/22


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We've all had it, no matter how long we've been on the "active spiritual journey"... things can be flowing along, you can feel abundant/prosperous, and then BAM! Suddenly, one day you fall into some anxiety and scarcity. Everything OUTSIDE of you might look the same, but INSIDE of you, it's different - worry, projection, self judgment - and you scratch your head a little bit.

Or, maybe you haven't gotten out of a place of "scarcity" at all?

That would include feeling like you "don't have enough" of something or everything - money, business, love, ___________ (you name it) - you hesitate on making decisions based on your guidance and heart's passions, because you don't believe the Universe will provide... and you perpetuate that existence of lack by continually denying yourself and re-creating it.

Do you ask yourself, "What is THAT about?" Are you tired of this cyclical pattern of of abundance and scarcity? Then come along, let's talk about where this COMES FROM, and what it's there to tell you/us so it can be shifted.

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