Does LSU have the best QB room the best in the SEC?


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While LSU Tigers head football coach Brian Kelly wants to take a slow and intentional approach to spring ball, he did say that one position group stands out more than others. He said the cornerback group has been incredibly versatile and so far in spring practice has shown more improvement and promise than he expected. But what exactly is it about the corners that Kelly thinks is so special?

Plus, Garrett Nussmeier speaks to the media about the areas on which he has focused to improve from the 2021 season and I had a revelation that LSU having a young QB with in-game experience and a clear head about how to improve moving forward puts them in such a good position for the future of the quarterback. But how does LSU's quarterback room stand up to Alabama's, Georgia's, Texas A&M's, and other schools across the SEC?

Finally, your LSU football questions are answered in Mailbag Wednesday. What can we expect from LSU Tigers in the NFL Draft? What does Tyrann Mathieu coming back to Baton Rouge mean for the team and this new coaching staff? All of that and more on this Wednesday edition of Locked On LSU.

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