69. Terrain and Tables


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How does terrain work in 9th Edition 40k? We discuss everything from terrain rules, table sizes, tournament terrain and building your hobby tables.

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Five Star Review: PASTOR_LLEVAC
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Main Topic: Terrain & Tables
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Dan is the more competitive minded of the hosts. Owning a vast array of armies but most known for his Eldar, having won several tournaments and even a GT heat at Warhammer World with them. He's also won the prestigious Knight of the Inner Circle award (best sporting) which he won't shut up about. Insta: @i.r.invested.in.unexpected.

Philip is better known as a painter, converter and making resin kits rather than a gamer. His Death Korps of Krieg army has won several Best Army/painting awards over the years. He's now working on a Minotaurs Space Marine army and an ever growing Inquisition collection. Insta: @beyondthetabletop.

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