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In this #LØRN episode, Silvija meets David Cameron, the Coordinator at the Sirius Centre for Research-based Innovation, at the University of Oslo. They specifically discuss digital twins, by giving us some examples of the usage of digital twins and we learn about how digital twins are used in the oil and gas sector. In the episode, Cameron also explains different models that are used when working with digital twins and how it can help us make better decisions.

— We need to focus on building digital twins which will help us to create computer applications that will help us with making better and more efficient decisions about things that we encounter in our life, in our experiments, and in industrial processes that we need to control.


1. Digital twins (history, examples, models)


3. Digital twins in Oil and Gas sector

Recommended litterature

Exploring the Future of Digital Twins: https://sirius-labs.no/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/UC18EU-sirius-kharlamov-evgeny-exploring-the-future-of-digital-twins.pdf

Oil and Gas digital twins after twenty years. How can they be made sustainable, maintainable and useful?: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329096870_Oil_and_Gas_digital_twins_after_twenty_years_How_can_they_be_made_sustainable_maintainable_and_useful7

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