#1075: FUNDAMENTALS in Quantum Computing with Mark Mattingley-Scott, lecture 03 tools


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In this episode of #LØRN Silvija is meeting with Mark Mattingley-Scott, who has a Bachelor of Science and is a Doctor of Philosophy on the subject of Code Division Multiple Access Local Area Networks, combined with many years in the field. Who does one start out with something that may feel too complicated? We are very confident in our case the third course will intrigue you to take the next step

— The way we solve problems today is determined by the limitations of the technology we have. It is efficient to run on a computer, and when you move to a quantum computer, some things become much more efficient and some things less efficient

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Qubits and functions

Quantum computer simulators

Influential people

Computers vs. quantum computers

Recommended literature:

Secular Cycles - Peter Turchin

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