#C1182_220617_Robindra Prabhu and Samson Yoseph Esaias: Gaps in the regulatory requirements vs modelling


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How should the public sector work with artificial intelligence, and how far has NAV come with exploration of AI? We learn how NAV works with AI to help solve future challenges. Our guest Robindra Prabhu, is a data scientist with NAV IT Data & Insights, and our co-host, Samson Esaias, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Law and Governance at BI Norwegian Business School. This is a part of the series we are creating together, to explore main challenges and opportunities to creating good AI, as part og BI course Responsible AI Leadership.

  • I think many countries would be envious of us if we look at the sort of quality of the data that we have in the public sector, and that gives us opportunities.“ Robindra Prabhu

Recommended literature:

You will LØRN:

  • How to develop an AI based technology for the services in public sector
  • What kind of technologies are the public sector working with and what are they using it for
  • What are the legal challenges that NAV are facing and how are they trying to tackle those challenges
  • How fair is the use of AI in the public sector
  • What are the requirements for explainability and transparency for the public sector

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