#0011: Elektriske fly er også droner


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//Dette er en reprise//

In this episode 0f #LORN, Silvija talks to Kevin Noertker, leader of Ampaire. Kevin discusses the issue of electric aircraft, and how Norway can achieve its goal of having full electrification on all domestic aircrafts by 2040. Ampaire was established in Hawthorne, California, and has developed The Ampaire Electric EEL, which is a hybrid electric aircraft. Silvija and Kevin also discuss drone technology and how this technology can be useful in the development of electric aviation. He describes how drones are enabled by a combination of electrification and artificial intelligence and how it only recently became possible.

— Sustainable generation of electricity, whether that's hydro, thermal, wind or solar - all enables relatively low-cost energy.

Dette lørner du:

  • Drones
  • Electrical aircrafts
  • Energy storing batteries
  • Low-cost energy

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