#0947: BOOKS: Catharina Drejer: #Slavetech 


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In this episode of #LØRN book club Silvija Seres is meeting the author of the book, #Slavetech – a snapshot of slavery in a digital age, Catharina Drejer. The book was pusblished in 2018 by Frekk Forlag and is co-written with Kevin Bales. We look at the meaning of modern slavery, and the conversation highlights that if our understanding of slavery is rooted in the past we miss the terrible crimes that may be happening right in front of us. Today, many of these abuses take place in cyber-space, a shadowy digital world beyond our laws and human rights conventions.

— “For too long advocates have tried to solve problems while forgetting those who carry the solutions; those who have suffered yet have survived,” - quote from the book.  

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Recommended literature: 

“Disposable People” by Kevin Bales (2012) 

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