#0979: OCEANTECH: Jørn Torsvik and Trond Kathenes: Digitization and innovation in Norwegian aquaculture


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In this #LØRN case Silvija talks to Trond Kathenes who is the Chief Digital Officer in Grieg Seafood ASA and Jørn Torsvik who Is the CEO in AquaCloud. They will be talking about digitalization in the maritin sector with a specific focus on the aqua cloud. AquaCloud is an industry collaboration for digitization and standardization in aquaculture that was established by NCE Seafood Innovation. AquaCloud works for data sharing and better data quality through standardization in sensors, fish health and environmental measurements

Set clear goals for your team and ensure that everyone understands them and their individual contribution

Dette lørner du:

What is AquaCloud

Sustainable growth

Fish Welfare

Data plattforms

Innovation in the maritim sector

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The last book I read was “Jegerånden” by General Eirik Kristoffersen. Some principles and values are universal and timeless

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