#1002: LØRN MASTERS in Digital Marketing with Ida Serneberg, lecture 02 examples


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In part 2 of Ida Serneberg’s masterclass with LØRN, Silvija and Ida explore in depth successful, innovative and exciting cases of digital marketing. The forensic examination starts with Rema 1000’s creative and humorous commercials and then moves onto the marketing concepts behind the Norwegian teen drama Skam (Shame) and how it drove the TV show to become a phenomenon. A discussion detailing the mechanics behind Fortnite’s genius marketing strategy follows. Throughout Ida reveals why timely relevance is essential, how this drives engagement and she exposes myths in the industry.

-The gaming industry is a hidden secret in terms of marketing, she explains in the episode

You will learn:

Blurred content

Time Relevance

Fan Culture

Affinity based marketing

Recommended literature

Youtube link to Rema commercials: SMARTHUS | Det enkle er ofte det beste | REMA 1000

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