#1068: BUILDTECH: Johan Bronkhorst: Optimizing the workflow in the property industry


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In the second episode of the warm-up with Lørn.tech x OiW, Silvija meets the business developer of Digital XBO, Johan Bronkhorst. Johan is in this talk representing the track "the nordic model" at OiW 2021. Digital XBO makes it easy to share information and gives a good communication flow across the property industry. Moreover, you can add all relevant solutions to get a project overview and a tool overview to get the best workflow possible with one platform. Sounds amazing? Well, it is!

— We are not out here to take away the business of the companies we integrate with but to give them a greater share of the market. We want to make them more accessible to companies who can be early adaptors

This is what you will learn:

Construction industry

Flexibility in company

The Nordic Model

How to succeed with a start-up

Recommended literature:

Weird by Olga Khazan, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and the movie Dune

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