#1097: LØRNSOC: Matthew Smith: The future of remote work - and unicorns


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In this #LØRN episode we get to have a chat with entrepreneur, investor, author, and public speaker (to mention a few), Matt Smith. And yes, in this conversation we talk more about how it is to define his role when wearing these many hats. We also dig deeper into his experience on investing in two unicorns’ companies, and his perspective about Norway as a venture-country. Matt has been traveling around Europe for the last 12 months but is now joining us from his home in Cape Town. His travels give us a good insight on what he believes is the future of remote work.

– I work at my highest level when I go into co-working spaces, better than at home. I like being around people that are working, and I absorb the energy. But I believe everyone will benefit of a blend, and to have a choice, he said.

You will LØRN about:

Venture capital

Remote work

New life realization and framework

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