Old Ladies Don't Deserve Justice? | The Murder of Emily Armstrong


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The murder of Emily Armstrong was in danger of being lost as a story. Historical true crime is such a good learning tool for attitudes of the past and today, we learn about not one, not two but THREE unsolved murders in the same area of London which may have just had a little to do with each other, particularly when it came to how the victims were treated.

This poses the question, if you're old and you're killed, does it matter? Spoiler alert, I think IT REALLY DOES, but the police back in the 1940's may not have had the same view.

The same thing goes, if you have no family, does your death warrant the police seeking justice on your behalf or is it easier for them to get on with other cases that they feel are more worth while. It's an interesting argument.

Old true crime stories like this are so easily overlooked but I feel they are worth covering. Left out of your average true crime documentary or true crime podcast and hardly, if ever covered by true crime youtubers, it's important to bring some of these tales up from the depths so those that suffered, still have their names spoken.

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