EL SALVADOR: Comrade Conversation W/ Blanca


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On the first day of Women's History Month and in the fallout of the legislative election in El Salvador, dear comrade Blanca Estévez graces the show with the detailing of her family's journey to Arkansas from El Salvador, her experience and struggle navigating and reconciling her identity and ideals in a society not constructed for "us", and her take on Nayib Bukele and his future as ES President with his nascent legislative mandate. The conversation is remarkable and at times difficult, but these types of conversations are important to have to illustrate the material effect Empire has had on our communities and to showcase the incredible solidarity that exists in our movement towards internationalism. If you want to share in the solidarity consider heading over to Patreon if you are able to and as a bonus you'll have access to Machete After Dark, a mostly silly post-show-show. Also follow us on twitter, IG, and tiktok @macheteymate. #HastaLaVictoria

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