Ray Wise


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Immortalized as Leland Palmer in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks (in 1990-91, 2017 and in the 1992 prequel feature), Ray Wise has appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows...and he still loves what he does. He tells Leonard and Jessie that he set his sights on being a professional actor in the fourth grade. That goal was met years ago, with roles on such TV series as Love of Life, The Young and the Restless, 24, The Reaper (as The Devil) and Fresh Off the Boat, along with movies like Swamp Thing, X-Men: First Class and Good Night and Good Luck. He even voiced Commissioner Gordon in the latest Batman animated feature, Batman: The Killing Joke. Ray is a delight to talk to and the living definition of the term “working actor.” His latest feature, now available on VOD, is King Knight with Matthew Gray Gubler.

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