A Drive-in Dive Into Little Black Lie with Todd Theman and Tricia Grashaw


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Host Paul Dergarabedian is sitting down with independent filmmakers Todd Theman and Tricia Grashaw to discuss the increased success of drive-in movie theaters during the pandemic using Comscore’s exclusive drive-in data. Make sure you check out their film “Little Black Lie” coming to the Van Nuys drive-in on Friday, November 13.

This episode covers:

  • The drive-in theater comeback
  • How “Little Black Lie” has been received at festivals
  • Are all movies well-suited for theaters?
  • Where to watch “Little Black Lie”


Independent filmmakers Todd Theman (writer, director, and co-producer) and Tricia Grashaw (producer and production designer) are the team behind “Little Black Lie” coming to the Van Nuys drive-in on Friday, November 13th after a successful festival run.

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