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This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Sean O’Connell, the Managing Editor of CinemaBlend and author of Release the Snyder Cut. Listen as Sean shares his take on the Snyder Cut and what inspired him to write a book about it. Then stick around as Sean and Paul discuss how the Snyder Cut has and will continue to impact and influence the film industry.

This episode covers:

  • How the Snyder Cut has benefited from the current state of film releases
  • If and when you can see Snyder Cut in theaters
  • The growing “restore the Snyder-verse” movement
  • The impact of the Snyder Cut on the film industry
  • Breaking down the Synder Cut saga in Release the Snyder Cut


Sean O’Connell is the Managing Editor of CinemaBlend, an online hub for fans to explore and discuss movies, TV shows, and the best streaming has to offer. Sean also authored the recently published book, Release The Snyder Cut.

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