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Host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by B.Y. Randall, a journalist, editor, and screenwriter whose first novel, Fishing With Dynamite, has recently been published! Listen in as Paul and B.Y. Randall discuss his inspiration for his novel, the difference between writing a screenplay and a novel, and the importance of pursuing your creative ambitions even if they are outside of your comfort zone.

This episode covers:

  • Transforming Fishing With Dynamite from a screenplay into a novel
  • How writing a novel can be liberating for screenwriters
  • The challenges of presenting a woman’s point of view as a male writer
  • The importance of taking artistic and creative risks
  • Getting an early career break by writing a CBS Schoolbreak Special


B.Y. Randall has worked as a journalist, Senior Editor for Fade In magazine, and screenwriter. He is also the author of Fishing With Dynamite, his first novel.

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