End of Day – Thursday 30 Sep


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  • The ASX 200 rose 136 points to close at 7332 (1.6%) on a killer combo of lower bond yields, higher iron ore prices, quarter end buying and US futures heading higher.
  • The banks led the charge higher with the Big Bank Basket rising 2.1% to $186.31. MQG up 2.3% and insurers also catching the green blast, QBE up 2.0% and MPL up 2.0%. Big miners were back in demand as bargain hunting and very strong ore prices helped BHP rise 3.4%, FMG up 1.1% despite a death at Solomon Hub and MIN up 3.4%.
  • Gold miners saw some selective buying in DEG and PDI and lithium stocks shrugged off the recent depression as PLS rose 3.5% and ORE up 2.4%. Uranium stocks continued to be pressured on lower uranium prices. Industrials were firm although tech stocks seemed to miss the bullish memo.
  • The All-Tech Index languished like its big brother the Nasdaq with the index up 0.5% and APT losing 0.5%. That could all change tomorrow with some catch up buying. Healthcare back on the rampage, CSL up 2.3% and FPH doing very well up 2.7%.
  • In corporate news, Z1P have done a deal with Microsoft rising 1.3% and ORI had an explosive reaction up 14.5% to the impairments with brokers warming to the story. TCL saw buying as yields fell and the rights shot up 60.3% with one day to go of trade.
  • In economic news, the seasonally adjusted estimate for total dwellings approved rose 6.8% in August. Job vacancies decreased by 9.8% (36,200 vacancies) in the three months to August 202. Asian markets firmed. European markets opening higher
  • Dow futures up 250.

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