End of Day – Thursday 7 Oct


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  • The ASX 200 kicks 50 points higher to 7258 (0.7%) in tentative trade. A bounce in banks continues with the Big Bank Basket up to $185.22 up 0.6 %. MQG also doing well up 1.7% and MFG down 1.3% as brokers pronounce judgement on FUM losses. Industrials firmed across the board, WOW up 1.5%, WES rising 0.5% on aggressive moves on API up 1.7%.
  • Healthcare in the pink, CSL up 0.7%, SHL up 1.5% and COH up 2.6%. Tech stocks were back in demand, APT leading the charge up 3.1% and XRO doing well up 2.8%. Mining stocks relatively flat, BHP unchanged and FMG down 1.9% with China still on holiday. Energy stocks slid back slightly but the energy story has a long way to run. STO down 2.2% and WPL off 0.1%.
  • In corporate news, plenty happening in small caps, CXL killed it up 14.4% on a good LEILAC report, SZL rose 14.6% on a Target tie up, RED rose 17.8% on KOTH news, CKF hit record highs on Dutch chicken licking news up 6.9%. Payrolls numbers out today but NSW opening up a positive. Travel stocks somewhat mixed though, QAN down 0.7% and WEB up 1.9%.

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