A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – November 21, 2022 – Ken Druse on Fall and Winter Fragrance


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Winter cold has just finally descended here, and I am already missing the smells of the growing season—from the range of flowers to just brushing up against herbs out by the vegetable garden. Ken Druse is here today to encourage us to extend our season of scentual gardening – that’s S-C-E-N-T-ual as in fragrance, and as in the title of his book “The Scentual Garden.” He urges us to include extra-late and extra-early producers, and also some indoor stars for a year of fragrances.

Longtime friend Ken, who gardens in New Jersey, is the author of 20 garden books, including “The Scentual Garden,” about the many fragrances the plant world can offer, our topic today.

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