Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/26/22


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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, America's founding was debated and adopted in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What happened in America has never happened in the course of history and it likely won't ever happen again. America is the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind. A fantastic example built on the foundation of Athens, Rome, and the British Parliament. This nation doesn't exist for the sake of equity, it exists for, and because of, liberty. Later, as predicted by this program the Justice Department is criminally investigating former President Donald Trump. They moved from politicization to criminalization. The two angles are a seditious conspiracy and a false elector’s scheme. This is an incredibly dangerous and out of line action by the corrupt leadership at the United States Justice Department to criminalize the political processes of an election. Then, the January 6th Committee has concluded that Trump must be prosecuted. Yet committee members like Eric Swalwell, who slept with a Chinese spy, suggest Trump be treated like a criminal. Separation of powers is vital to the future of this republic. If Democrats do this, they will blow a hole in this country that can never be fixed. Afterward, whistleblowers within the FBI and the Department of Justice are alleging that officials are ignoring and avoiding evidence that Hunter Biden violated the law. The corruption within the FBI is severe. They are doing this to affect the outcome of the midterm election.

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