‘The Mad Women’s Ball’ with Julia Prescott


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This week we’re discussing ‘The Mad Women’s Ball’ with the “Mad Woman of Podcasting” a.k.a. “The Young Pope of Citywalk” – Julia Prescott. We also answer a call on our ‘Hotline’ about the actor performances that seem like auditions for other films. Plus, we give an update on our favorite unauthorized Celine Dion biopic that we’ve never seen – ‘Aline.’ And, as always, we’ve got ‘Staff Picks.’

In news, Chris Pratt to voice Mario, Billy Eichner’s upcoming rom-com will feature an all LGBTQ+ principle cast, and Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Benedetta’ gets the Catholics all riled up.

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Staff Picks:
Ify – Untold: Deal with the Devil
Alonso – Stories of Resistance: Documentaries by Arthur Dong
Drea – Old Henry
Julia – For The Record: Tarantino

With Ify Nwadiwe, Alonso Duralde, Drea Clark, and Julia Prescott

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