Lung Nodule on CT scan in Spanish


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This lesson introduces our series covering the evaluation of a lung nodule in Spanish. In this lesson, you will hear a dialogue with a patient who was recently seen in the emergency room for chest pain. During that visit, a lung nodule greater than 8 mm was incidentally seen on her CT scan. Therefore, the doctor is recommending she undergo a PET scan to further characterize the nodule. After the dialogue, we practice saying ER, CT scan, and nodule in Spanish.

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Nodule seen on a PET scan of the chest

Diálogo Clínico

Evaluación de un nódulo pulmonar


The doctor recommends a PET scan to evaluate an incidental nodule seen on CT scan during an ER visit for chest pain.

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Emergency Room


Las urgencias
La sala de urgencias
La sala de emergencias

CT scan


Una tomografía
Un escáner



Un nódulo
Un bulto
Una masa

Volvamos a escuchar el diálogo



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Special thanks to Elizabet Cortez, my Spanish teacher at the San Pedro Spanish School in Guatemala who provided most of the Spanish for this lesson.

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