MW01 - Why should we learn about Medieval Warfare?


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There are hundreds, if not thousands of historians who research and write about wars, battles, and the military of the Middle Ages. Why do we want to do this, and what is it that we think the world should know about medieval military history. Our guests for today are:

Daniel Franke is assistant professor of history at Richard Bland College of William and Mary in Petersburg, Virginia, and he researches military networks and the intersection of strategy, policy, and culture on military operations in the Hundred Years War. An award-winning professor and writer, Michael Livingston holds degrees in History, Medieval Studies, and English. He teaches at The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina, where he specializes in medieval military history and culture. His last book, 'The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook', won the 2017 Distinguished Book Prize from the Society for Military History.

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