"The Happiness Lab" - Special Preview!


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This week, I'm sharing a special preview of the new season of The Happiness Lab.
On The Happiness Lab, Dr. Laurie Santos shares evidence-based research that will challenge what you think it means to live a happy life. You’ll hear inspiring and surprising stories that will make you think differently about your own happiness.
This season, she’s helping listeners navigate something most of us avoid: bad feelings. Many of us assume that we can only be happy if we push aside emotions like stress, sadness, and anger. But what if instead of suppressing our nastiest emotions, we could find power in them to improve our well-being? J
Joining her are leading experts like Brené Brown and Adam Grant who share practical tips to put guilt, anxiety, and burnout to good use in 2022. In this preview, she talks to Harvard Medical School psychologist Susan David about why we choose to ignore negative feelings, and the definition of emotional agility.
You can listen to more episodes of The Happiness Lab at: https://link.chtbl.com/mediationminishappiness

Enjoy this special preview of the Happiness Lab!

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