PART 1 - FDA Pushes Failed CV-19 EUAs, Hides Successful Repurposed Drugs


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You can watch the video presentation here:

Resources for the presentation.

HQC used successfully by thousands of doctors on severe CV-19 hospitalizations.

FDA revoked EUA of HQC in March, 2020.

April, 2020 Remdesivir trials finished. FDA approves in May, 2020.

Many university hospitals report Remdesivir not successful.

Dec, 2020, Dr. Pierre Kory at US Hearing testifying that thousands of doctors found success with Ivermectin. No need for experimental mRNA vax.

March 2021, FDA misinformation campaign against use of Ivermectin for vax agenda.

In the USA, anyone can easily buy Ivermectin online with various pharmacists.

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Families in New York sue hospitals for refusal to treat with Ivermectin other than EUA Remdesivir.

May 2021, Indian BAR Association sues WHO Chief Scientist for disinformation and suppression of Ivermectin over promotion of Mrna vax.

Dec, 2020, FDA approves Pfizer mRNA vax after questionable FDA briefing document that merits approval. Download the FDA report. See it yourself how the world is being played by FDA/CDC.

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