#9 - Demand Side Data Management (Eng)


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Demand Side Data Management comes from the notion to provide value to customers as our highest outcome and has been around as a concept for demand side data quality for a while. We let the consumer decide what data quality he needs to create value with the data.

  • But can we widen that approach to a Data Management as a Service model?
  • Can we put Data Management into a chain of custody?

Aiko Yamashita, Senior Data Scientist at the CoE at DNB, and Karl-Aksel Festø, Head of Advanced Analytics CoE at DNB, gave their input to these questions, supported by examples form their work at DNB.

We talked about:

  • What is the difference between Data Science and Analytics?
  • What skills do we need to build data literacy?
  • How do we get from analysis to insight, and how do we get from insight to action?
  • Who is demanding Data Management?
  • How is Data Management linked to the data value chain?
  • What does it mean to manage a non-depletable asset that is a common good for many different stakeholders?
  • What is the value of good Data Management?

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